So here I am.

My name is Jakub and I like to consider myself as a Growth Marketer. I hope writing a blog will help me reach my personal goals, such as simple as using English on daily basis, but also I’d like to help young people have a good start in digital marketing by describing my experiences.

I’ve started my first serious internship right after high school when I was 19, but my digital experience began much earlier. Now, two years later, I am happy that I can share some ideas and tips.

Still I have a lot to learn and I think I will have great fun by observing my way – always loved to stay for a while and look back. :-)

I am trying to smile a lot and do not forget about dreams.

Do you have any questions?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, find me on LinkedIn or send me an e-mail to [email protected]